Helpful Ways to Reduce your Food Waste

Author: PriceK

Wasting food also wastes time, effort and money. How many times have you had leftovers that are perfectly edible, but remain in the fridge for days until they have obviously gone bad and need to be thrown away? Stagnating and rotting food does no good for your kitchen fridge and it can leave some bad smells throughout the kitchen. So it is important to be aware of how much you are or aren’t eating and to use a few simple steps to help prevent waste food.

Plan your meals in advance

By planning all your meals in advance you prevent the build-up of leftovers in the fridge. Also, as you know your family’s eating habits, you can even account for ‘leftover days’ if you know that you won’t eat everything on your plate from the night before!

Never shop on an empty stomach

Shopping on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. Even if you’re not a big eater, you will often end up getting all the wrong things and most likely only what your belly fancies at the time. Take your time when shopping and look for the best deals.


If you still find yourself with too many leftovers, perhaps consider a compost bin. The leftovers will be able to compost properly so that you can feed your own garden later on in the year. Maybe you can even start to grow your own fruits and vegetables using the ‘leftovers compost’, it’s the circle of life!

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