Countdown to Christmas in the kitchen

Author: Claire

The kitchen as the heart of the home really comes into its own during the festive season, so it’s important to spend a bit of time getting organised well in advance of the big day. And for those who think it’s far too early to think about the season of goodwill, did you realise that there’s less than five weeks to go until the Queen’s Christmas Day broadcast?!

You certainly don’t want to approach the holidays stressing over the sudden realisation that there’s not enough space to store your festive food, and that your kitchen is in danger of looking cluttered and messy, rather than joyous and triumphant.

Whether you’re using your kitchen for cooking Christmas dinner for the family, or a boozy party for your friends, all it takes is a bit of forward thinking and some innovative solutions to keep on top of Christmas in the kitchen. Here are our six top tips:

1. Clear out your fridge.

It won’t come as a surprise to hear that your fridge freezer is one kitchen appliance that’s going to come under extreme pressure over the festive season. Chances are that you will be doing several large Christmas food shopping trips. Then there are food gifts and lovingly prepared dishes that your guests may bring. It all has to go somewhere in readiness for the big event.

Now is the time to have a fridge freezer audit, deciding what to keep and how to store it while clearing some space for the Christmas feast. Did you know that there are smart fridges you can buy that let you check the contents from your phone? Why not ask the Price Kitchen team for details.

2.Create additional storage.

With the kitchen being at the heart of your Christmas catering, you need your worktops to be clutter free. This means plenty of practical storage to keep your festive food and drink close at hand, keeping the room fully functional while looking lovely and Christmassy.

Corner storage cabinets can be a useful addition to your kitchen units, offering great organisation with easy access. Choose from curved base, magic corner and twin-carousel arrangements to really max out the available space.

3. Store your festive drinks.

Integrated drinks storage is a handy way to add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen while ensuring that the Christmas morning glass of fizz is within easy reach. Perhaps an under counter wine cooler could be incorporated into your kitchen design?

Make like a wine connoisseur and store in the region of 40 bottles in temperature-controlled zones. Alternatively, you could invest in a basic larder fridge or chest freezer for the garage?

At the Christmas dinner table, or during the party, a stylish ice bucket is a must to keep your festive tipples cool. Create a temporary drinks chiller that looks sleek and professional while keeping your drinks close at hand.

4. Minimise the mess.

Cleaning up after Christmas dinner is surely one of the least popular activities, particularly when it comes to sorting out the rubbish and recycling. Think ahead and install stylish bins to help with the job, or fit concealed recycling bins behind cupboard doors – some even offer separate compartments for paper, glass and plastic.

Self-cleaning ovens can be a godsend, allowing you to put your feet up with another glass of Bailey’s instead of having to scrub the kitchen clean. Look for an oven with pyrolytic technology and a self-clean programme that literally burns away any grease and dirt, leaving a fine ash that you can simply wipe away.

5. Add more seating.

When it comes to inviting friends and family over for Christmas, you will want everyone to feel happy and relaxed. But do you have enough seating for everyone? It’s better to get creative now that there’s plenty of time instead of panicking just before everyone is due to arrive.

Mix and match tables and chairs are de rigueur for large Christmas dinners, so don’t worry about collecting odd pieces together for the annual family feast. One great way to incorporate additional seating is around your kitchen island or extended breakfast bar, providing more places to perch.

6. Create a welcoming atmosphere.

From small, intimate dinner parties to large family gatherings, the right lighting in your kitchen/diner can make all the difference to achieving the right ambience. For food preparation, you will need effective task lighting to help you see what you’re doing and aid your culinary efforts. For dining, you will need overhead lights that gently illuminate the room while you eat.

For a festive soiree, it’s nice to be able to dim the lights or use candles, tealights, LED fairy lights or the Christmas tree lights to make everything look extra festive. Ask the Price Kitchens team for tips and ideas for kitchen lighting solutions and use the time between now and Christmas to get everything in place.

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