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Author: Claire

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If you’re never chosen a new kitchen before, you’re certainly not alone. Whether you’ve simply never needed to replace a perfectly acceptable kitchen or not had the opportunity or the funds to get what you really want, there’s always a first time.

We’ve put together a few handy pointers to help you get started when it comes to making important kitchen choices.

Which style of kitchen?

Should you go for a traditional, classic kitchen or a contemporary design? You may already have a clear idea of whether you like a homely Shaker style kitchen or the sleek minimalist look of a handleless kitchen. Also consider the age and architecture of your property. A bold contract between exterior age and modern interior styling might work wonders.

Making worktop choices

Style and practicality are your watchwords when it comes to kitchen worktops. Natural stone worktops such as granite, marble or quartz are excellent choices in terms of looks and durability, while timber adds sustainability and natural warmth. Laminate worktops are budget friendly and easy care, but they won’t last anywhere near as long.

For your convenience

Designing your own kitchen means you can have everything just so. Do you want pullout corner shelves to maximise kitchen storage? Freestanding or integrated kitchen appliances? Would you prefer the oven to be situated directly under the hob or at eye level? Adjust the height of your worktops or wall units? With a new kitchen, you get to design every item around your convenience.

How do you use the space?

How do you cook in your kitchen? Do you prepare large feasts for family and friends on a regular basis and need a big dining table? Or will a kitchen island or peninsula offer better seating options for breakfasts and casual meals while providing extra storage? Cooking on an island means you cook while chatting to your guests.

Additional building work

A kitchen project is never just that. There are always ancillary jobs that need doing at the same time – from replastering walls to changing lighting fixtures, from flooring replacements to underfloor heating installations, additional plumbing and electrical work and more. If you want the extra works to be carried out as part of your kitchen redesign, let us know and we can arrange it.

Kitchen quality

When it comes to choosing a new kitchen, you get what you pay for. Cheaper products may look similar but the quality of the build and fittings is almost always inferior. At Price Kitchens, we are proud of the quality of our kitchens, which we manufacture locally with robust carcases that come fully assembled, not flat packed, and with excellent quality control.

If you are choosing your first ever kitchen, we warmly invite you to come and see the vast range of products Price Kitchen has to offer. Pop into our large Croydon showroom and let one of our friendly, knowledgeable team show you around and talk you through all the options.

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