Which pans can you use with an induction hob?

Author: Claire

Induction hobs have been around for some years and they’re getting increasingly popular. If you are thinking of upgrading your kitchen but aren’t sure which hob is right for you, check out our Kitchen Buyers Guide for hobs here.

The undeniable advantage over more traditional kitchen hobs is that induction hobs are as fast to respond as a gas hob but with the precision of electricity. Induction works by heating the pan, not the hob. These types of hobs are extremely low maintenance while burnt-on food is a thing of the past.

How does induction technology work?

The induction coils under the hob’s surface are made from copper wires and create a magnetic field as electricity passes through them. Place a saucepan with a magnetised base on the ‘ring’ and it will heat up immediately while the hob itself remains cool.

To cool the coils below the ceramic glass surface, an automatic fan runs until the appliance has cooled enough before switching itself off. Sometimes, other noises such as humming or whistling can be heard when the hob is set to high, while at low heat you may hear a clicking sound caused by the electronic components. All these noises are completely normal.

Which saucepans are best for induction hobs?

Due to the way induction technology works, you need very specific types of cookware. Look out for flat-bottomed pans with bases made of ferrous or magnetic metal that have been labelled as suitable for use on glass ceramic induction hobs.

The best pots and pans for induction hobs are made from stainless steel and cast iron. Cookware made from aluminium, copper, glass or ceramic won’t work unless there’s an induction plate built into the base of the pan.

You can tell if your existing pans are suitable by checking for a coil symbol on the base. You can also do the ‘magnet test’ by placing a small magnet on the underside of the pan and seeing if it sticks firmly. The more loosely it clings, the less efficiently the pan will heat up. Cookware with non-magnetic bottoms won’t work at all.

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