How do you know when it’s time to upgrade your kitchen?

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A quality kitchen should last you many years but there comes a time when you will want to upgrade, replace or redesign it. There’s no ‘right’ time to do this – it’s different for everyone. It depends on the quality of the original build, the amount of use (and perhaps abuse!) it’s been exposed to over the years, changes in your requirements and personal taste.

Of course, budget plays a large part too. Some households upgrade gradually as they go, others wait until they can no longer stand living with their current kitchen, then rip it all out and start again.

If you’re not sure whether it’s time to give your kitchen a major overhaul, watch out for these 5 warning signs.

1 – No longer suits your requirements

If your current kitchen no longer serves your needs, it’s definitely time for a change. Have you added to your family, have grown up kids moved out, have you acquired a pet? Perhaps you need to rethink your family’s requirements for the available space and speak to a kitchen designer about a redesign.

2 – Tired kitchen units and worktops

The most visually important elements of your kitchen is are the built-in units and the worktop. If they start to look outdated and tired, maybe the colour has faded or the finish is showing signs of age, your kitchen will no longer look nice. You may be able to get away with a simple worktop replacement (unless this will mean retiling the walls) or quick-fix kitchen cabinet door replacements, but deep down you will know that your kitchen is probably on its way out.

3 – Old kitchen appliances

If your oven, hob or fridge has seen better days, especially if bits are falling off or pesky faults have developed, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. Check whether the appliance is still in warranty or if it’s worth paying for a repair. If not, you should think about looking for a replacement.

4 – No longer proud of your kitchen

Do you remember the excitement when your kitchen was brand new and how amazing everyone said it looked? How long has it been since you felt proud to show off your kitchen? Maybe you are now so ashamed of the state of it that you avoid letting visitors into the kitchen? If that is the case, you need to take urgent action.

5 – You no longer enjoy the space

Do you still love your kitchen? Are you happy to spend time there cooking, eating, cleaning etc. You should feel content in your own kitchen, ready to cook, eat, socialise, entertain or just hang out. Your kitchen should be the heart of the home – has yours stopped beating?

If you are thinking of a kitchen redesign in the near future, take a look at Price Kitchen’s kitchen collections online or pop into our Croydon showroom to get an idea of what’s available. Chat with our kitchen experts and design specialists who can give you information and advice and talk you through all the options. Why not contact us today on 020 8686 9006?

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