How to choose the best layout for your kitchen

Author: Claire

Timber Kitchen with Island

Are you struggling to decide on the right layout for the size and shape of your kitchen? How to accommodate kitchen appliances, practical storage and worktop space, all the while not compromising on either style or practicality?

Let’s take a look at the four most popular kitchen layouts available and look at the benefits each can bring to the heart of your home.

1. U-shaped kitchen

U Shaped Gloss Kitchen with Wine Fridge

Perfectly designed for efficiency and user-friendliness, a U-shaped kitchen has worktops on three sides, plenty of storage space and appliances within easy reach. This layout is most suitable for medium sized rooms since the additional units can take up too much floor surface in smaller spaces. The design may be less than practical in larger kitchens as the space between the workstations is too wide. For open plan kitchen diners, a U-shaped kitchen can work well to separate the family space from the functional kitchen area, while still allowing for interaction and socialising across the two.

2. L-shaped kitchen

L shaped kitchen

Odyssey Gloss

A classic, timeless design, the L-shaped kitchen uses two walls for a continuous flow of cabinets and worktops to form the ‘L’, taking account of doorways and windows. Not only is this a practical, seamless solution that works well in any sized kitchen, it leaves more floor space to create the illusion of a bigger room – perfect for smaller room sizes. An L-shaped design is also ideal for open plan living, as there is ample space for a dining table, kitchen island or living space for practical modern living and entertaining.

3. Kitchen island design

Kitchen Island with Sink and Hob

Strada Ivory Gloss

Kitchen islands are practical and attractive and their popularity is not going away any time soon. Best suited to medium or large kitchen spaces, kitchen islands use the open floor space created by and L-shaped or galley kitchen design. They can take the form of an integrated breakfast bar or double up as a dining area with plenty of seating for everyone in the family. An island offers an abundance of extra storage and worktop space or can house the kitchen sink, or the hob. Why not experiment with a two-tone colour scheme or mix up materials with contrasting work surfaces?

4. Galley kitchen

Biography Porter Matt White

Biography Porter Matt White

A galley style kitchen consists of a single line of cabinets, or two parallel lines of cabinets, often in long and narrow spaces. It’s a streamlined, modern and function space with great accessibility. This layout is suitable for virtually any kitchen size. Where space allows, a dining table or island can be added, leaving plenty of floor space to move around with ease. Ideally, the cooking and sink areas should be on separate worktops. Lighting can make or break the look and feel of a galley kitchen, so consider glazed display doors, plinth lighting and illuminated cabinets to create a spacious feel.

For advice and guidance on the best kitchen design for your home, please don’t hesitate to contact the Price Kitchens team who will be only too happy to advise and talk you through all the options.

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