How to incorporate the colour green in the kitchen

Author: Claire

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When we say to go green in the kitchen, we’re not talking about recycling – although that’s obviously very important too. Today though, we are here to discuss how you can effectively incorporate the colour green into your kitchen.

Why choose green?

When you think about the colour green, what do you see? For me personally, I imagine a countryside landscape with fresh air and a calm, soothing atmosphere. It’s an energising colour which evokes feelings of balance and harmony.

Light coloured greens – such as sage green – are a fantastic colour choice for a wide range of kitchens, especially traditional farmhouse designs. This is because it is such a versatile colour, matching well with a whole host of other colours and materials. These include:

• Greys, greiges and whites.
• Soft pink.
• Rust tones.
• Burgundy.
• Soft blue.
• Blonde wood.
• Porous stone.
• Chrome, brass, gold and silver.

How about in the kitchen?

Incorporating green in your kitchen is a great way of creating a calm and organic look, and can be done so in a number of different ways. The method you choose will really depend on the kind of statement you are looking to make, and the particular shade of green that you choose to use. Whether you choose to go for a subtle or bold look, here are three of the main ways to incorporate green in your kitchen:

1. Kitchen Units & Furniture.

Painting your kitchen units and furniture green is an understated way of bringing the colour into the room. Since green goes so well with other materials, oak furniture/worktops, natural stone flooring and stainless-steel splashbacks are all worth thinking about for your kitchen’s design. Plus, a sage green-painted Welsh dresser complements the colour perfectly, as does incorporating a sleek modern dining table. Just be wary of not going overboard, otherwise the balance of the room could make you feel slightly overwhelmed.

Top tip: Try using a combination of Calacatta marble, brass hardware and olive-green kitchen units for a truly fantastic look.

2. Walls.

Like I just mentioned, you don’t need to go all out with green to make a lasting impression. Shades of green work beautifully as a soothing backdrop to your kitchen, and are particularly well-suited to wood and modern white high gloss kitchens. You don’t necessarily need to paint your walls green to get the desired effect though, as incorporating patterned wallpaper or wall tiles in the colour can be equally as effective.

Top tip: Houseplants and herbs look truly fantastic against green wall backdrops.

3. Accessories.

Probably the cheapest and easiest way of incorporating green into the kitchen is via the addition of various colourful accessories and appliances. Whether you use kitchen utensils, tea towels, ornaments, or wall art, having green accessories on show is a fantastic way of subtly incorporating the colour in your kitchen.

Top tip: A few herb plants dotted around the kitchen always look fantastic, helping give an earthy, natural feel to your kitchen.

Choosing to incorporate the colour green in your kitchen is a fantastic decision, but it can be tricky deciding the best way to do it. Why not take advantage of our years of experience? We at Price Kitchens are experts in kitchen design and are ready and waiting to help whenever you need. Contact us today for any help or advice, or check out of previous kitchen case studies for more ideas.

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