How to Plan Your Kitchen Renovation


The kitchen is the focal point of any home. It’s where you entertain friends and family, cook meals for loved ones and experiment with different recipes. So, it’s no wonder that it’s often the area that homeowners want to improve to give themselves more space for these activities.

But to achieve success, a kitchen renovation needs to be planned out carefully to make sure you have the right amenities in place in a layout that works for you and your lifestyle. Our guide takes you through each step of the process, from choosing the style to planning in time for refinements so you can enjoy a functional and beautiful kitchen.

Set a timeline and budget

As with any project, there’s a risk that it will become more complex and costly as time goes on, so setting a schedule and a strict budget can help curb any added expenses. The length of time a kitchen renovation takes will naturally depend on the size of the kitchen and how much you’re updating, but for a full kitchen remodel in a medium-sized space, you can expect it to take between 6-8 weeks. If you’re having structural work done too, this can increase the time to around 12 weeks.

Assess your needs vs. wants

Scrolling Pinterest or browsing magazines for inspiration, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with ideas for your own kitchen space. But be honest with yourself about what you really need in your kitchen, versus what is more of a want. For example, do you struggle to cook in your kitchen due to a lack of worktop space? Or are you always complaining about having to bend down to put items in the oven, making higher-level appliances top of your priority list? Think about what’s really important to your kitchen and how you use the space.

Decide on a style

There are various kitchen styles to choose between, each with their own pros and cons, so think about the overall look of your home and how your kitchen will fit into your interior décor. For example, if you prefer a more modern, contemporary look, gloss kitchens are a great option that are practical and chic. If your home errs more on the traditional side, a classic wood kitchen will fit in wonderfully and add timeless appeal to your property.

Plan the layout with measurements

Plan your layout with all your appliances and storage spaces in mind, remembering to check measurements as you go. There’s nothing more disappointing than having a vision in mind for how the space will look, only to discover that it won’t fit into the size of the room. Regardless of what size the room is, there are always areas where you can create more functional spaces that allow for a more practical kitchen but measuring and planning the layout carefully is a crucial step to make sure nothing has been missed or overlooked. Another aspect of this plan should be electrical and plumbing points, making sure the taps, wiring and sockets align with appliances.

Hire a kitchen fitting team

Whether this is your first home renovation project or you’re a seasoned professional, having the experience and skill set of a qualified fitting team can take the stress out of your kitchen renovation. A professional team will give you the peace of mind that everything has been installed correctly and safely, with the added benefit of a more professional finish at the end. At Price Kitchens, we can arrange for your kitchen to be installed and we use qualified electricians and gas fitters to adhere to the relevant regulations (if required as part of your renovation project).

Arrange your temporary kitchen

While the work is being carried out, you might be without access to your kitchen for a while. In fact, depending on the complexity of your plans, it could be several weeks before you have full access to your kitchen again. So, it’s important to arrange a temporary kitchen somewhere in your home where you can still cook and clean as needed. Your temporary kitchen should include a sink, a fridge and a cooker.

Factor in time for snagging

‘Snagging’ is a term used to describe small defects or areas that need to be refined before the project can be marked as fully complete. It’s common for there to be small details that get overlooked or need to be polished and your contractor might need to return to finish these elements once the main tasks have been done, so make sure you factor this into your deadline.

Enjoy your new kitchen

The result of careful planning is your dream kitchen that perfectly suits your home and your lifestyle. You’ll have all the storage space you need, stunning worktops that allow for plenty of delicious meals to be created and a practical space that makes cooking and entertaining easier. Want some guidance on choosing the right kitchen for your home to get you started? Contact the team at Price Kitchens – we have extensive experience in this industry, and we’ve helped countless customers over the years design their perfect kitchen.

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