How to turn your kitchen into your happy place

Author: Claire

Woman mixing a salad in her kitchen

A kitchen should be an uplifting space in the home – somewhere you love to spend time. Rather than being a single purpose room designed for preparing food, modern kitchens are now an integral part of the home. It’s where it all happens – cooking, eating, socialising, relaxing… So, isn’t it important that your kitchen feeds you in every sense?

If your current kitchen doesn’t put a smile on your face or, worse, stresses you out, here are some tips to help you create a more relaxing environment. Whether you’re planning to refresh, upgrade or redesign your kitchen space, think beyond cabinets and appliances, worktops and flooring and ask yourself these 4 key questions:

1 – Do you have enough storage?

Trust us, you can never have enough storage. A cluttered, chaotic kitchen where everything is on display and the eye doesn’t know where to look first, makes it difficult to relax. Open shelving is fine to display a few favourite objects but concealed cupboard storage is king when it comes to keeping everything out of sight. Think sleek gloss white handleless doors, for example, behind which all your kitchen bits and bobs are hidden, and destress instantly.

2 – Do you have too much stuff?

Maybe the problem isn’t lack of storage but the sheer volume of kitchen stuff you’re trying to fit in? The answer is staring you in the face: it’s time for a big kitchen cupboard declutter. Take a critical look at every item and ask yourself: Has it been used in the last 12 months? Is it likely that you’ll be using it in the next 12 months? If not, sell, donate or throw away, and make more space for the kitchen items you do use on a regular basis.

3 – How clean is your kitchen?

If your kitchen is grubby or worse, it won’t be a pleasant place to spend time in – in fact, you may be tempted to avoid the space altogether. Again, the solution is obvious: Give your kitchen a good spring clean (or get a cleaner to do the job for you) and don’t just see but feel the difference. You’ll be surprised at the uplifting effect and the positive energy that a sparkling clean, orderly space can bring. Just don’t forget the regular maintenance.

4 – Where is the connection with nature?

The kitchen has an obvious bond with nature through food – so why not bring more of the outside in? It’s an age old strategy to lower stress and increase happiness. Place a bowl of fresh fruit or a fragrant bouquet of fresh cut flowers on the worktop. Position a lush green houseplant in the corner of the room, or put some herbs on the windowsill. Declutter your windows to let the sunshine in or, better still, open them for some fresh air and birdsong. There – doesn’t that feel much better already?

Nice flowers in the kitchen

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