Ikea’s concept for the Kitchen of 2025

Author: PriceK

What will the kitchen of the future look like? Nowadays people spend less and less time in the kitchen as modern day needs and necessities prioritise themselves over good old home cooking, and microwave meals and supermarket sandwiches invade our lunch boxes. However Ikea is hoping to change all that with their concept of the kitchen of 2025.

This concept, also known as The Table For Living, is centred around a single table which is hopefully designed to revolutionise cooking. A projected camera placed above the table will show a list of recipes, ingredients and a timer set for how long each meal should take to prepare. Ideally this table will be used for preparation, cooking and even eating on (so no more leaving the hob on!)

It is designed to help provide ample space for flats and city dwellings, reducing on the need for counter space and helping those in densely populated areas get a bit of home cooking in. Ikea has also designed the Modern Pantry, which uses an open, transparent shelf system designed to ensure that everything is clearly visible and nothing goes to waste.

The Ikea kitchen also ditches the concept of the old refrigerator, which might not be ideal for bigger families, but allows the Modern Pantry to have set temperatures in induction-cooled storage containers. It certainly needs a few tweaks before it is market ready but it shows that designers are taking a step towards getting home cooked food back on the menu.

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