The Importance of Washing your Hands

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We don’t mean to sound like naggy parents but when it comes to cooking fresh meals, clean hands are a must have. There are a few crucial points during the meal when you absolutely must wash your hands, as dirt and grime can rub off so easily on food, particularly raw meat and although many germs might be killed off in the cooking process, we can’t rely on this as a way to remove germs from our meals.


You should always wash your hands thoroughly before preparing a meal. Wash your hands before you even begin taking the ingredients out of the fridge. Wash them with warm soapy water taking care to scrub under the nails – as flick and dirt can creep under them throughout the day – and then dry them thoroughly before starting.

Between cutting meat and cutting vegetables

‘But I’m using a knife, not my hands, so what’s the difference?’ The difference is that although you may not notice it, at some point during the preparation you will touch or move the meat without even realising it, and raw meat can lead to salmonella and even food poisoning. If you absolutely don’t want to wash your hands, cut the vegetables first and then move onto the meat, but make sure to wash the vegetables beforehand!

Once you are done

The meal is all prepared and you’re about to put it in the oven. Do not wait until it is in the oven before washing your hands, as if you use oven gloves you are putting your dirty hands into the mittens, rubbing off grease, raw meat or smelly fish into the mittens! Wash your hands thoroughly before placing your dish in the oven!

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