Innovation with a Small Kitchen

Author: PriceK

Space is crucial when it comes to designing your ideal, workable kitchen. With more and more houses and flats being built nowadays and with more ‘micro-properties’ available on the markets, people are working out how to make the most of a smaller kitchen. Obviously if space is your issue, but you want to still be able to cook a decent meal every now and then, you’ll need to think outside the box when designing your new kitchen.

Open Faced Cupboards
By using shelving as opposed to cupboards you create an open space and give the illusion that the kitchen appears bigger than it actually is. Plus you don’t have to squeeze around half open doors to get what you need! Another alternative is to use cupboards with glass doors as they provide the security of having a door without closing off the space to make it look like a larger room.

Sliding Doors
For kitchens that are combined with a dining area, installing a sliding door is a good way to provide the extra privacy needed for a nice meal.

You can properly set up the dining table and when it is time to eat simply slide the door closed to hide the kitchen away and create a more personal space for your diners.

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