Keeping Children Safe While Cooking – Part 1

Author: PriceK

When it comes to cooking with children it can be an incredibly rewarding idea. However it is important to keep tabs on where the kids are going lest they accidentally get into something they shouldn’t. Safety is of utmost importance when you’re cooking with children so by taking precautions you can avoid future upsets.

Sharp objects out of reach

This goes without saying, however when you are caught up in the excitement or in the hustle and bustle of cooking, this can be forgotten. You could leave a knife on a side for just a minute and that is more often than not the time your child may make a grab for it. Make sure to get into a habit of putting everything away the second you’ve finished with them; it will also make things easier to clear up later on!

Lower tables/cooking benches

At first thought you may not realise why this is important, however if you have ever tried to cut something or season something that is far away from you, you might better understand what we mean. By using lower tables it means that the ingredients are well within the child’s reach and that they don’t have to stretch to hold anything. It certainly reduces the risk of accidents happening!

Height adjustable worktops are perfect for growing kids as they can be adjusted in order to suit the child to a height where they feel most comfortable. Remember to always keep an eye on your children and never leave them unattended in the kitchen as they can quickly cause more trouble than you may think!

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