Keeping Children Safe While Cooking – Part 2

Author: PriceK

Part 2 of our ‘cooking with kids’ safety guide will cover choosing the right sort of meals to bake and cook with your kids. It is important to choose a meal that is easy to follow and doesn’t have too many steps as children, particularly young children can get bored and distracted easily. If they get bored then they can often become easily agitated and may start messing around, which is never a good idea particularly in a smaller kitchen!

Simple Recipes

By using simple recipes with only 5 or so ingredients, both you and your kids will be able to easily keep track of the ingredients needed to make the meal as well as their cooking times and how they need to be prepared. Writing up a checkpoint list or a ‘to do’ list that the kids can cross out as they go is also a good way to remind them what has been done and what still needs doing.

Keep the Heat in check

Obviously when you’re cooking something a lot of the time you’ll need to use heat. When dealing with a hot hob it is important to make sure your children know the dangers of the heat and to not touch it unless it is off and definitely cold.

When you are putting things in and taking things out of a hot oven always use oven gloves, even if you’re only checking something.

Often your children will watch and learn from you, so if you don’t take the proper precautions you can be sure that they certainly won’t. Beautifully designed contemporary kitchens make cooking a breeze, but it is important to keep in mind the safety and security of kids. Be safe!

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