Keeping Dairy Tips

Author: PriceK

Dairy can be a fiddly thing to get right. While you are busy keeping your kitchen worktops tidy, milk and cream can sour quickly and can mean a nasty mouthful if you don’t realise that the milk or the cream has gone off. As they often accompany another type of food, this not only means you’ve eaten sour milk or cream; you’ve also ruined that lovely bowl of cereal or treacle tart you were looking forward to.

So why not try these top tips for keeping your dairy for longer?

Buttery Cheese
Hard cheeses and wax sealed cheese can become harder and dried out which makes for awkward sandwiches, however to stop this from happening simply spread butter or margarine on the cut sides of the cheese to lock in moisture.

Freeze Butter in Bulk
Buy butter in deals when it is on sale and freeze it to keep the butter lasting longer. Make sure to pack it in an airtight container, otherwise it will absorb the flavours of the food around it!

Create a Vacuum
For cottage cheese, sour cream or cream place the container upside down within the fridge (take care to ensure that the lid is secured!). This creates a vacuum in the container that will slow the growth of bacteria that causes food to spoil.

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