Keeping Things Tidy While Cooking

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Whether your kitchen is of rustic design, an adaptive kitchen, or it is a bespoke shaker kitchen, Price Kitchens can provide excellent customisation options as well as beautiful, modern designs to suit your individual needs. We are also dedicated to providing you with helpful hints and tips in and around the kitchen to ensure that your beautiful kitchen lasts as long as possible.

If you get caught up in the cooking you could be left with a lot of mess to clear up, so Price Kitchens have put together some helpful tips which you can keep in mind when embarking on a complicated homemade dish.

Clean as you Go Along

This may seem pointless, but aside from the utensils and dishes that you are constantly using, simply putting the pots and pans you are finished with in the sink to be cleaned later can cause problems later on. Unwashed kitchen utensils quickly stack up, and then you may be left with a huge pile of dirty dishes that have had some time to dry out.

Just run the hot water tap for a while and fill a large basin with warm, soapy water. Dropping the tools and pots into this basin to soak for a couple of minutes while you finish preparing the meal will be a big help later on, as any residue left on pots or wooden spoons can be easily wiped off, because the hot water helps to dislodge dirt.

Try to Categorise your Ingredients

An easy job for those among you that love order, but if you’re more of an impulse cooker this can be difficult. Keeping vegetables in one section, herbs and spices in another and various raw meats in a third is helpful because you are less at risk of contaminating one food with another.

If everything is bundled together you might end up cutting vegetables with the same knife you used on the raw chicken, and that is just a recipe for disaster.

Buy a Blender!

If you love making your own soups, but end up making more of a mess than a soup, a blender is a great way to go. Plus if you choose different blade options you can even use the blender to dice and chop different foods and vegetables.

A blender is also a great way to make quick mashed potato if you don’t fancy working up a sweat with the potato masher!

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