Kitchen Lighting – Why it is Important

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Many modern families use their kitchen for more than just cooking meals. Kitchens can be used for baking, socialising and even just sitting back and relaxing! Because today’s kitchens are multi-functional, it is really important that our kitchens have adequate lighting. There are hundreds of different lighting options at varying prices, and while having good lighting is important, it is also important to choose lights that fit well with the tone of your kitchen and make maximum use of the space available.

Why it is so important

Having good lighting really takes the strain off your eyes, and overstressed eyes can lead to long-term damage, lack of concentration and even headaches, so the right lighting can really help your health. Strained eyes also cause tiredness, so if you’ve had a long day already, forcing your eyes to work under low lighting will only make you more tired and you may end up falling face-first into your pie mixture, and that is not the best thing to do while trying to prepare a meal.

Being able to see more clearly has its benefits too. Injuries are less likely to occur, because you’ll be able to see what you are doing, and baking mishaps (salt instead of sugar, for instance) are also less commonplace.

Different Types

Overhead lighting is the most common form of lighting, but are there better options? Sometimes it is better to have several smaller lights instead of one large overhead light, because the light is spread out over a wider area, and it takes some of the glare off. Sometimes lights that are too bright can be as harmful as dim lights.

Lamp lights and small spotlights are good for kitchens, as they provide a small pool of light focused on a certain area. This is especially good if you fancy a midnight snack but don’t want to alert the whole house!

Cleaning your Lighting

Your kitchen lighting is regularly subjected to grease and smoke from the cooking, so it is important to clean the lights regularly. Make sure to turn all lights off before cleaning them! You can give them a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and then thoroughly dry them with a clean rag afterwards. Alternatively, give them a quick dust every week or so to prevent the dirt and dust from accumulating.

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