Kitchen sales are set to sizzle!

Author: Kerri

A recent report on the Kitchen Products Market carried out by MTW Research has shown that UK kitchen sales are likely to exceed the £3 billion mark for the first time in 2017. The 160-page research report on the UK kitchen industry confirmed that 2016 sales are at an all-time high, helped by growing housing sales, lower unemployment figures and the influence of new kitchen trends, such as the current ‘cooking culture’.

According to the report findings, consumers are increasingly demanding more space for their homes, with kitchens needing to satisfy a rising need for cooking, dining, socialising, living and working space. A spokesman said: “Whilst average UK kitchens are shrinking, demand for higher value kitchens with uncluttered, clean lines, is strengthening.”

As a result, over half of kitchen product manufacturers have experienced a growth in sales over the last year.

Demand is particularly on the increase for products such as narrow solid surface worktops, integrated appliances, boiling water taps, wider pan drawers and wall-hung base units. In addition, growth opportunities exist for IoT (the internet of things) related products, with consumers keen to exploit the opportunities offered by connected kitchens.

On a more sober note, the report also pointed out that the rise in internet retailing is exerting price pressure and the mid and lower end of the market, creating difficult market conditions for some kitchen manufacturers and retailers.

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