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Here at Price Kitchens we live and breathe kitchens every day of the year so it’s always interesting to learn a bit more about kitchens elsewhere in the world. Whilst our typical British kitchens have naturally changed and progressed over the years, both in terms of design and equipment, they’ve not necessarily been in line with the most common kitchens you may find in other countries and far away lands!

For instance, no Moroccan kitchen would be complete without an earthenware tajine for slow cooking meat, fish and vegetables whereas we would consider this more of an exotic accessory not typically associated with your standard kitchen. Essentially the cuisine of a nation can often have a great effect on the way the kitchen is kitted out and another good example of this is in your typical Japanese kitchen. In Japan it is less common to see a full sized gas oven in a standard fitted kitchen whereas it would be almost unthinkable to find one without an electric rice cooker! This reflects the fact that there is typically less roasting and baking in traditional Japanese cuisine whereas rice is an everyday staple.

Of course being such a cosmopolitan nation of gourmets we find that your typical British cook is embracing of all manner of cuisines and cooking styles influenced from far and wide across the globe. And as a result your typical modern British kitchen looks a world away from that in which your grandparents may have been preparing their suet puddings!

Why not take a look at this Pinterest pinboard on kitchens and cuisines from around the world and whilst we’re on the subject don’t forget to keep an eye on our own Price Kitchens Pinterest account!

As ever if you’d like some advice and information on how to modernise or refresh your own kitchen, perhaps incorporating design ideas from overseas, then please get in touch or come on down to our Purley Way showroom where we’ll be more than happy to impart some of our knowledge!

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