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OK so the word contemporary can be a bit vague and seemingly able to be applied to anything we might consider shiny and modern, however in the world of kitchens the term does have certain specific connotations and so today we’re going to be having a look at just what are the defining factors to stand a contemporary kitchen apart from other styles.

To be contemporary, or contemporaneous, literally means to be of the present time and so we tend to apply the term to that which we consider current, fresh, modern and new. And of course in the world of kitchens this is no different as a contemporary kitchen differs from styles adhering to more traditional themes by virtue of the fact that they’re very much “of our time”. But to be more specific a contemporary kitchen adheres to modern design principles in which we favour clean, straight lines and no extraneous detailing such as you might find on a rustic farmhouse kitchen with ornate patterning on the units and doors.

a contemporary kitchen

It is also very rare to find a contemporary kitchen in a shaker style, where the units all have an indentation at the front. The contemporary kitchen favours unfussy frontage and will commonly rely on chrome and steel fittings as well as a glossy finish. Although none of these traits are set in stone, you can be sure that at Price Kitchens when we refer to kitchens being of our contemporary range, they will largely adhere to all these principles.

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