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We’ve looked at contemporary; we’ve looked at shaker, now we’ll have a look at something a little more artsy. In-frame kitchens are incredibly popular because of their long lifespan and their rustic look. The phrase in-frame (or sometimes face-frame) means that the doors within the units are settled into a frame; sort of like a picture frame. This makes them long lasting and durable, with less strain being placed on the hinges.

As with some modern ‘instant’ kitchens, because the doors are screwed onto the front, with wear and age, the hinges will weaken and the doors will drop down. Because the in-frame kitchen has the reinforced frame around the doors, there is nowhere for them to ‘drop’. Due to the reinforcement of these frames, in-frame kitchens can sometimes provide less storage space than other styles, but their durability is what makes them extremely popular with homeowners of all ages.


In-frame kitchens can add a real traditional look to any home, but they are not just suited to those wanting an artistic, timeless looking kitchen. In-frame kitchens can look both traditional or contemporary, and are available in a wide range of colours and styles so can be customised to suit the tone of any home.

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