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There are a number of popular terms when it comes to categorising kitchens and it can sometimes be confusing knowing what’s what and determining which style is for you. Therefore we’re going to be doing a series of posts on the different styles of kitchens that we refer to in the industry, and today we’re starting it off with Shaker Kitchens.

You may well be aware that Shaker style kitchens are those with minimal detailing, emphasising clean, straight lines rather than ornate patterning, but what is the origin of the term “Shaker” and why is it applied to these sleek and simple kitchen styles?

The Shaker movement actually refers to a religious sect that originated in Manchester in the late 18th Century. Officially known as The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, they are most closely associated with the Quaker branch of Christianity and are known to preach the virtues of a simple life. These ideals of simplicity translated into the output of their artisan craftsmen who became known for producing very high quality furniture with simple and straightforward aesthetics.

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Today the Shaker movement lends its name to a whole range of furniture synonymous with quality and no-frills design. In the world of kitchens we refer to Shaker kitchens as those without the more ornate detailing and finish you might find on some other more traditional or farmhouse style kitchens. They tend to have panelled unit doors which create a sense of traditionalism whilst still feeling clean, fresh and modern.

Shaker kitchens are among the most popular kitchens that we offer and if you’d like to see some of the many different styles available in this category you can take a look through some of the kitchen ranges on our site or alternatively why not pop into our showroom and get a look up close at some of our ready assembled show units?

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