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And last but certainly not least in our know your kitchens line-up, traditional or classic kitchens are kitchens that combine several elements in order to create a homely and rustic look. Most of the aspects of the ‘traditional’ kitchen are in the small details, so there are several little touches you can do to get your kitchen looking more traditional.

Antique or antique looking cabinets do not go amiss in a traditional kitchen, and it normally comes with multiple finishes. You might think that two or more finishes in a kitchen will clash, but the contrasting finishes, such as a natural wooden cabinet set combined with an archaic granite island or breakfast bar, can really complement each other.


Traditional kitchens also use a variety of architectural details such as pillars and wooden feet to give the appearance that various sections of the kitchen is free standing. Carved wooden pillars can be ornate with deep glazed wood and golden detailing, and custom stone, metal and plaster hoods go above the oven in an imitation of traditional fireplaces.

Niches and ledges, no matter how small, can add a traditional touch to any kitchen. A simple small ledge above the cutting board can be home to a variety of sauces and oils, and a spice rack that is on display also provides a traditional finish to a modern kitchen.

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