Lactose Intolerant Friendly Tips

Author: PriceK

Whether you are lactose intolerant or you have a friend or relative who is lactose intolerant, often it makes everyday cooking a lot more different. So many recipes contain milk, butter, cream or cheese that it can be very easy to forget that the dish or dessert is unsuitable with those who are allergic to lactose.

However in most cases there are a few good alternative suggestions that will help to put you on the right track to cooking for your dairy free friend or relative.

Cashew Cream
In order to make homemade soup recipes thicker and creamier, instead of using dairy cream simply soak a cup of raw cashews in water for about eight hours and then drain and rinse them.

Blend them with about a ¾ cup of water until it has a smooth consistency and add to your soup to make it thicker!

Peanut Butter Cookies
Delicious cookies without using any butter! Simply blend together peanut butter, sugar, beaten eggs and bake the mixture for around ten minutes until golden brown. Let the cookies cool and then add sugar or icing sugar to taste. Gorgeous!

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