Lighting and Warming up your Kitchen in the Winter

Author: PriceK


As the cold of the winter starts eagerly settling into our homes and our bones, we often turn to fireplaces and cranking the heating up in order to keep our houses warm and cosy. With fitted kitchens that don’t have a roaring fireplace incorporated into the design or with adaptive kitchens that have no space for a fireplace, it can be hard to keep your cooking space warm without having to spend twice as much on the heating or keeping the oven preheated so that it warms the room.

347368124_ca8a2b0843_zFires and candles create a beautifully warm mood that can really lift spirits on a cold evening, so lighting a few candles around the room will help get the warm air flowing and scented candles will also provide a refreshing aroma, best used after cooking fish or eggs!

If you happen to have a kitchen fireplace, why not infuse some great scents with your logs by burning a few slices of dried apple and orange or even burn a cinnamon stick or two in the fire. The orange slices will help to banish bad odours at the same time as warming your home.

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