Little Design Features that make all the difference

Author: PriceK

There are thousands of ways to design your own perfect kitchen but you may find it is lacking in a little something. Often a second opinion from a family member or even a professional designer will help you to find that lost spark and it can be found in the strangest of places. A simple colour palette switch or a lighting change can make all the difference and allow you to see your kitchen in a completely different way.

Weathered Signs
We’re all fans of the cheesy fridge magnets such as ‘grandmothers house; children spoiled here’ but why not take it one step further with a rustic weathered sign?

Whimsical phrases such as ‘No place like home’ or ‘diets start tomorrow!’ add a friendly aesthetic to the room and give guests something to focus on while waiting on their tea or if you’re busy in the kitchen.

Focused Lighting
Bright lights are not always beneficial for kitchens but there are certain areas within a kitchen where bright lights or mood lighting is essential. Adding mood lighting to recessed kitchen overheads provides extra light which would normally be overshadowed.

Utilising spotlights efficiently is also a great way to focus on certain aspects of the kitchen (aesthetics, centrepieces etc) while drawing attention away from the more unseemly aspects of the kitchen.

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