Making Your Food Last Longer

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At Price Kitchens we are eager to ensure that you make the most out of your perishable foods. Whether it is fresh fruit and vegetables, marmalades and other spreads or fresh meats, there are some great ways to ensure that your food tastes better and lasts longer, by following these simple tips.

Crystallised Jams

If you love honey or jam, but only as the occasional treat on toast or to accompany your porridge, the chances are over time it will crystallise and become unusable. But don’t throw it away!

Jam and honey both crystallise because they are naturally high in sugar, so the crystals are naturally formed by the sugar.

By removing the lid and heating it in the microwave for short periods of time, or by putting the mixture into a pan and heating it over a low heat, the sugar crystals will soon melt back into the mixture, and you will once again have nice jam and honey to enjoy!

Fresh Eggs?

Are you unsure as to whether or not your eggs are fresh or rotten? Rotten eggs really smell ripe if you happen to crack one open without realising it. In order to save yourself the bad smell from a rotten egg, simply drop the eggs into a cup of water. Fresh eggs will sink whereas rotten eggs will float. Simple!

Revitalising Wine

If you are a fan of sparkling wine or Champagne, it can be really disappointing when the drink goes flat. However there is a way to restore the fizz in your bubbly, and that is by dropping a couple of raisins into the bottle. The natural sugars present within the raisins will restore the bubbles to your fizzy beverage!

Vegetables with more Oomph

If your radishes, turnips, carrots or celery start losing their crunch, you can help prolong the lives of these vegetables by submerging them in iced water for about 15 minutes. The vegetables will absorb part of the moisture and will stay fresher and crunchier for longer!

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