Making the most of your Kitchen Island

Author: PriceK

With stylish kitchen design, you want to create a kitchen you are proud of and will want to spend time in. However, you also want to provide ample space for cooking and socialising, as more time is spent in the kitchen than you may think, so using kitchen islands to your advantage is crucial.

Hideaway Storage

As well as being a focal point of the room, you can also incorporate more storage into your island kitchen.

By adding cabinets into the island, you’ll free up more space around the kitchen, plus the cabinets are hidden away and it makes the kitchen itself look less cluttered.

Height is Key

The height of a kitchen island is crucial as if it is too high, it doesn’t make a very good central point of the room, won’t work as well as a dining table/chatting table and can make eating very awkward.

Too low and you’ll end up giving yourself back problems if you spend a lot of time bending over. Try to find the right balance!

Doubling Up

A good kitchen island will double up as a counter and a dining table. Getting an island which has a small overhang so that you can store stools underneath and sit comfortably at dinner times is a creative use of the space provided.

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