The Many Uses of Citrus Rinds

Author: PriceK

We all know that citrus fruits, particularly lemon juice and lemon rind, are great for a variety of home remedies, including all purpose cleaning and helping your chopping blocks and worktops smell clean and fresh. But what if we told you that you can use even your old citrus rinds or peels in the kitchen and beyond?

You can make a simple bird feeder from the hollowed out half of an orange, lemon or a lime by filling it with suet, birdseed and dried fruits suspending the cup from a tree with a piece of string.

If you scatter bits of orange peel around your flowerbeds, the scent can deter cats. Furthermore it can be used as an alternative to extra fertilizer.

Citrus rinds are incredibly useful for making things smell nice, and there are several tips for making scent bags to place around the house. Add cloves and cinnamon to citrus rinds for a pleasant combination of scents, or simply place orange or lemon peel into small string bags and put them in cupboards and drawers to keep things smelling fresh. If you have a wood fire, you can add dried citrus rinds to the fire to give off a deliciously spicy fragrance. Try it yourself and if you’ve got any of your own tips be sure to let us know in the comments below or you could share a photo to our Facebook page!

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