The modernisation of the kitchen space

Author: PriceK

Kitchens have been in use for hundreds, even thousands of years, however the kitchens we see today are a product of decades of tweaking, changing, growing designs that push innovation and imagination to its limits.

Once kitchens were a place for only the servants to visit, never seen by visitors or even the house owner themselves. Nowadays however it is a completely different story, as cooks and chefs of all ages and skill sets roll their sleeves up, dust off the roller and get stuck into baking, roasting, sautéing and frying their way into frenzy!

The past three decades have really seen improvement in terms of the modern kitchen. With the start of the 1980’s the overall size of kitchens gradually increased as they were becoming more of a focal point of the entire house. The 90’s saw kitchens that were designed for overall comfort and usability. The 90’s also saw the invention of the kitchen island, a very popular addition which remains to this day.

Throughout the 2000’s, both practicality and style were a high priority for kitchens. In a stunning juxtaposition both marble and stainless steel rose in popularity, combined to show practicality and status of the owners through their kitchen. Over the past four years, kitchens have even seen the addition of a TV to further solidify the idea of it being a family room.

What does the future have in store for the ever changing kitchen? Who knows? We can only hope it will be bigger and better than ever! Cook on!

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