New Winter Trends 2015

Author: PriceK

As popular phrases, clothes designs and music styles develop and change over the years, so do the styles and designs used in your contemporary kitchen and in the rest of the home. 2015 was a revolutionary year for many, so with winter edging its way around the corner, let’s have a little look at what trends we can expect to see in Winter 2015.

Sleek and Functional

While certain kitchens have a real ornate air to them, grandiose and flamboyant is out for kitchens this winter, and minimal and functional is back in. Kitchens are creative places, but that doesn’t mean they have to be cluttered up with beautiful appliances and furnishings and we are seeing a lot more gadgetry that actually has a purpose in the winter kitchens of 2015. These designs are also ideal for those with less space, such as flats and bungalows.

Open Space Plan

While studio flats are popular with young professional singletons and students looking for a first property to rent, open space plan kitchens have only just started to take off. Instead of cordoning off the kitchen into its own room, you get a far more ‘spacious’ feel with an open plan kitchen, which can really help in space saving apartments.

These are just a few new refurbishment and kitchen trends that seem to be gaining popularity in Winter 2015, but we are sure to see a few more before the year is out! For first class renovation solutions, get in touch with our expert team today.

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