The Benefits of Choosing a Shaker Style Kitchen


Shaker kitchens are one of the most universally popular types of kitchen design, and there are plenty of finishes available for every taste and style of home. Check out our collection of Shaker Gloss Kitchens, Shaker Painted Kitchens, Shaker Wood Kitchens, Shaker Wood Look Kitchens and Shaker Vinyl Kitchens to get a better idea of what we have on offer.

But what is so special about Shaker kitchens, and why do they work so well in every home? Shaker furniture has a long history. The Shakers were an 18th-century Christian group that broke away from the better-known Quakers and emigrated to America, particularly to New England. There, they became known for their high-quality handcrafted furniture. Their designs were simple and unpretentious, avoiding embellishments and ornamentation which the Shakers regarded as dishonest and frivolous. It is the concept of simplicity, utility, functionality and honesty that provides the basis for Shaker kitchen furniture design.

  • A timeless look

Shaker doors have a simplistic design, with a characteristic square-frame door that has a recessed flat centre panel. This creates a basic and straightforward look with just enough detail to catch the eye. This simplicity is the main part of their appeal. It’s not something that goes in and out of style, which makes Shaker kitchens a versatile and elegant choice for traditional looks and modern aesthetics. It’s a timeless kitchen design that won’t look dated in 10 years.

  • Colour or stain

Shaker kitchens are typically made from wood, but other finishes are available including painted kitchens, wood look and even vinyl. The doors take paint and coloured laminate well and can be painted in a vast range of colours to match your overall kitchen design. For high-quality Shaker wood kitchens, you may want to show off the woodgrain with a choice of wood stain options. It’s a beautifully versatile, functional furniture style that will last you for years to come.

  • Low Maintenance

The more detail and ornamentation you get on kitchen cabinet doors, the more dust, grease and debris can get trapped in ridges and grooves. This inevitably means more cleaning is needed to keep kitchen units looking their best. Shaker doors, on the other hand, are very simple in design and construction. This makes for a minimum-effort cleaning routine, with a quick wipe-down of all that’s required.

  • Reasonable Prices

Our competitively priced Shaker kitchens may be more affordable than you think. One of their core features is that the simplistic design is relatively simple to construct, made from durable materials that will stand the test of time. This not only makes Shaker cabinetry more budget-friendly to purchase, but their durability and timeless design mean your kitchen won’t need repairing or replacing any time soon, making the budget stretch further.

Choosing a Shaker kitchen for your home is a great decision in terms of functionality, style and budget. Once the basic elements of your Shaker kitchen are in place, you can use tried and tested interiors tricks to add some personal touches to your kitchen. Here are a few suggestions to get you inspired:

  • Mixing modern furniture with vintage finds or reclaimed pieces is a clever way to achieve that cosy, lived-in feel. If space allows, consider a farmhouse table and chairs or freestanding Welsh dresser and accessorise with preloved kitchenware, crockery and decorative items to pull the room together.
  • Combining cabinets in different colours or materials can bring a Shaker-style bang up-to-date. Mix darker shades for base units and lighter hues for wall units and shelves. Add interest with different worktop materials such as quartz or granite for a practical, durable and utterly contemporary solution.
  • Timeless Shaker kitchens tend to have a neutral or muted colour palette. Switch things up with a dash of bold colour in pink, teal, green or even black can add drama and interest, particularly when teamed with pewter, brushed chrome or brass cupboard handles and lighter-coloured worktops in wood or natural stone.

At Price Kitchens, we have extensive experience supplying clients with first-class kitchens in London and across South East England. With keenly priced furniture, meticulous attention to detail and great customer service, our team will help you find the perfect kitchen for your home. We will supply, deliver and install your new kitchen for you, working with you from start to finish to ensure that you are nothing less than delighted with the service we provide. For more information or to arrange your free design consultation, or to visit our Croydon showroom, please get in touch.


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