Organising your Cupboards

Author: PriceK

Food storage is something that we all do, but not many of us do too well. If it is anything like our house often all the food items are simply bunged together in every available space, sometimes even placed precariously atop other items, which run the risk of everything toppling over!

Find Containers to Fit the Cupboard

Rectangular containers are great for longer cupboards as they are more space efficient. Containers are a great way to store things as they preserve pastas and cereals for longer and they are easy to get a hold of when you want to quickly grab a container full of cookies, instead of having to hunt around for the bag.

Sort by Usage

If you have a variety of spices but you happen to use only five or six of them regularly, make sure to place them at the forefront of the cupboard, with the more scarcely used spices behind them.

This works for most food types. If you haven’t used a particular spice in over a year, it is better to throw it out!

Wet Foods at the Bottom

Anything that could spill and cause a mess should be stored at the bottom of the kitchen cupboard, that way if they leak then it does not ruin the rest of your food on the way down! Heavier items like cans of beans and tins of tomato soup are also better off towards the base of the cupboard as they are less likely to hurt a stray foot if they fall out of the cupboard.

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