Organising your Freezer Part 2

Author: PriceK

Once you have bagged all of your loose produce it is time to start portioning off your food for freezing. This way you can find clear, labelled, perfectly sized portions for any meal you might fancy that evening!

Freeze in Portions

It is always better to portion out your food whenever you have the time, as portions freeze quicker and are also quicker to defrost. If you are a fan of buying in bulk this also works out to your advantage as you can freeze everything in separate portions, saving you time and effort later on instead of having to prize apart frozen meat into more manageable portions!

What Freezes well and what doesn’t

It is important to take into account that not everything freezes as well as you might think, so if you have to freeze certain items, make sure you use them sooner rather than later! For example moist produce such as certain fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products don’t keep as well, whereas pancakes, meats, stews and broths last a lot longer in the freezer. With a number of fantastic kitchen ranges to choose from and with contract kitchens and adaptable kitchens available, whether you are planning on upgrading your oven to the latest Neff model, or you are planning on a complete kitchen renovation, allow our team of experts to help you at Price Kitchens.

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