Organising Shared Kitchens Part 2

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Last week we started to get a look into organising your shared kitchen to ensure that it remains clean and in good shape for regular use. A shared kitchen can be the cause for stress, whether you are sharing with housemates or office buddies, because some people may be more lax when it comes to cleaning the kitchen.  You may even be lucky with your office kitchen and you might have a regular cleaner. But for all other events, it is important to keep these things in mind;

Mark out ‘Red’ areas

Red areas are areas that get frequent, if not daily use. Microwaves, kettles and surfaces will get daily use as microwaves provide quick and easy meals, whereas kettles are essential for caffeinated beverages.

Set a Schedule

It can be hard to keep to, but try to set out a particular schedule to ensure that the red areas get a thorough clean and the other areas are wiped down from time to time too. Set maybe 20 mins to a half hour every week to clean the kitchen, taking special care with the red areas to ensure that everything is clean.


Schedules are not guaranteed to work 100% of the time, as in student accommodation there are bound to be those who clean less than other members in the house, and of course in an office environment you are not there to clean, you are there to work.

Having said that, keeping disinfectant and a squirt soap on hand in the kitchen, as well as frequently changing the sponges and towels used to clean and dry the mugs and utensils will help to minimalise bacteria that could be passed on from dirty appliances.

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