Practical Organisation Tips for Small Kitchens

Author: Claire

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The kitchen is the heart of the home but, for some of us, making the most of the space we have available is difficult. However, just because you’re limited in terms of space doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with a drab or impractical kitchen. There are plenty of ways to maximise space through clever organisation and layout tips that will leave you with minimal clutter for greater efficiency. Here are some of our suggestions on how to make the most of your kitchen space to make it work for you.

Keep worktops clear

A messy kitchen is automatically going to look smaller and cluttered, as well as reducing the amount of space you have to work with when it comes to using your kitchen for preparing meals. So, an organisation hack that can really work wonders for smaller kitchens is to keep worktops clear of appliances as much as possible. A fix for this is to make use of corner shelving in cupboards that pull out, so you can still access appliances without them sitting on the work surface all day.

Choose flexible shelving

In a smaller kitchen, or an awkwardly shaped room, you need to be more creative about the storage that you install. One way to do this is with the shelving you choose. Adding plenty of shelving is always a good idea in any kitchen space but, if you can maximise the potential of those shelves, so much the better.

You can add hooks to the bottom of shelves for hanging glasses or mugs, or even add a wine rack to taller shelving. Another option is to hang pots and pans from shelves to ensure that every inch of space counts. You should also think about whether you want open or closed shelving – open shelves are modern and stylish, as well as making it easy to see the items you need access to.

Use vertical space

More often than not, we utilise the space that sits at mid-level around the sides of the room, without thinking about the vertical space we have available in a room. But you could be missing out on a lot of valuable space by neglecting these areas of your kitchen, no matter the size of layout you’re working with. Think about installing a floor-to-ceiling cupboard to store appliances you don’t need access to everyday.

The top of the walls is usually left bare which is leaving wasted space in the room that could otherwise be put to good use. But it’s not just the walls where this rule applies – consider using cupboards fully by installing risers into cupboards so you can use the whole of the internal space.

Swap to a combined extractor induction hob

An extractor hood is incredibly useful for busy kitchens to minimise steam and damp when you’re cooking. But they can be bulky in a smaller kitchen, and they take up wall space that you could otherwise use for storage. A way around this problem is to choose a combined induction extractor hob, which serves as a great space-saver while still providing the benefits of an extractor. It not only provides the opportunity to install a cupboard or more shelving, but it also gives the illusion of extra space.

If you’d like advice on how best to plan the layout of your kitchen, why not contact the team at Price Kitchens? We’ve got extensive experience in designing practical and stylish kitchens to ensure you make the most of your space – get in touch with us today.

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