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Well our shiny new website has been up and running for over a month now and having ironed out the kinks and caught the odd gremlin in the works we’d love to hear what YOU think so far.

Being in such a design lead industry we knew we had to create a new website that reflected how much emphasis we put on fulfilling our clients precise style requirements within their homes. After all, whilst taste may be subjective, quality will always shine through!

So the new Price Kitchens site features full high resolution images of all the many ranges of kitchens we offer, from rustic farmhouse traditional kitchens to the more chic and modern contemporary styles and we’re really pleased with the sleek new layout which hopefully makes the whole site easier to navigate and browse through all the fabulous collections.

So if you like what you see, or even if you don’t, be sure to get in touch with us and let us know your thoughts. You can use the comment form below to speak your mind or, as ever, contact us through more traditional means, whether that be via phone, email or even by popping into the showroom where we’ll always be only too happy to welcome you with a cup of tea and a chat!

With the new Price Kitchens site now in full operation we will be updating this blog regularly with all the latest news and information on what we’re up to as well as offering some fantastic promotions and keeping you up to date with the very latest kitchen design trends.

And don’t forget to like us on Facebook too where you can keep up to date with some of our latest design projects.


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