Re-using Old Vegetables

Author: PriceK

Most of us lead busy lives. Work, play, cleaning, cooking, sleeping, it’s a hard life! From time to time we can forget that we’ve bought the ingredients for a certain type of dinner in the fridge or on another night we are simply too tired to cook and just opt for a bowl of soup. So, over time these food items spoil particularly vegetables and fruit.

Vegetables can last a little longer than fruit, although they do tend to get forgotten more quickly. There may be times when you catch a set of vegetables that have just begun to wilt; do not throw them out! Boiling them up with some stock can make a great casserole!

If your vegetables are too far gone, give them a little blend or mush them up. This can then be used as mulch or fertilizer for any plants you have growing in the garden!

Or if you want to avoid spoiling vegetables entirely, chop them up into portions and then freeze them. They will last much longer; all you need to do is remind yourself to take them out of the freezer before you need to use them.

We understand how important it is to have a well fitted, well designed kitchen to match your busy lifestyle, which is why at Price Kitchens we take every effort to ensure that your kitchen is perfectly designed to suit you.

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