Recycling your used Coffee Grounds

Author: PriceK

If you’re a fan of delicious, well blended coffee, how do you end up disposing of the coffee grounds? Do you just chuck them in the bin? Do you sprinkle them over your flowers or mulch them for compost? Coffee grounds have a number of great uses after you’ve made a good cup of coffee and some of them might just surprise you.


The most widely used method for coffee grounds is sprinkling it into the compost for your flowers, however many different types of plants love coffee and even thrive on coffee ground and grow bigger and stronger.

Tomatoes, mushrooms, blackberries and also a mixture of home grown herbs love coffee grounds, so spread the love!


If you have a sink rubbish disposal or similar kitchen appliance, toss a couple of spoonfuls of coffee grounds in there. It works wonders as a deodoriser! You can also blend used coffee grounds with wax to make an innovative homemade scented candle!

Face Scrub

It certainly sounds odd doesn’t it? Try combining Coffee grounds with sugar or coarse sea salt and honey or even olive oil. You can also use the scrub on course areas of skin such as the elbows and the backs of the legs. To avoid staining the tub make sure to rinse it thoroughly after use!

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