Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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People are constantly trying to find new and exciting ways to re-use old items in our homes. However in some cases recycling items can make the house look a little tacky, so in most cases we want to avoid this. While upholstering old furniture to a beautiful new design, it can be expensive and time consuming. A happy medium? Have a look at our quick recycling tips for kitchen design!

Old Marmalade/Jam Jars – New Candle Holders

Many of us frequently hoard old jam jars as it seems a shame to throw them out, so why not refurbish them to use as candle holders? They make a gorgeous ‘firefly effect’ which makes the candles look like fireflies in a jar.

Old Table – Stylish New Covering

Sometimes old wooden tables can look really worn out, particularly if they’ve taken a few beatings in the past from knockabout children or scratching cats. On occasions, these tables are past saving, but nostalgia and sentimental value keeps us from throwing them away. In these situations all you need to do is pick out a lovely tablecloth and you can hide any unsightly blemishes. Easy!

Cheeky Takeout – Storage Pots for Sandwiches

Those of us that love Chinese takeaway often have it more than we let on. However, when you’re sat there feeling full and looking ashamedly at the numerous plastic pots, remember you can still use those pots! They make great storage containers for cookies, sandwiches, anything really!

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