Rice can be used for Anything!

Author: PriceK

Rice is an amazing ingredient that adds a staple base to many dishes, is healthy, fills you up and comes in a variety of types and flavours to a huge range of different foods. In addition, rice can be used in other situations to further help you out around the kitchen!

Salt Shaker
Place a couple of grains of rice in your salt shaker in order to prevent the salt from hardening as it absorbs moisture that may cause the salt to form clumps.

Neutralise Odours
Placing a few sprigs of lavender in with a cup of rice will help to absorb and disperse the odour of stinky shoes as well as absorbing any moisture. Perfect!

Dry out a Wet or Waterlogged Phone
Whether you’re washing the dishes in your new stainless steel sink and you forget your phone is in your jacket pocket or it just happens to have gotten a little waterlogged after walking home in the rain, in order to help dry out the phone so that it is once again usable simply place the phone in a container of rice.

Then seal the container and leave it overnight. The rice will absorb the moisture in the phone without damaging it.

To keep your rice safer for longer, try slipping a bay leaf into the container or the bag as this will help to repel bugs.

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