Safety in Mind with your Kitchen Design

Author: PriceK

When you are designing your new kitchen, safety is always an issue worth considerable attention. Kitchens are often associated with household accidents such as those involving sharp implements, burns, slipping on spilled water and so forth. Therefore it is important to make sure that your cooking environment is as safe as possible and there are a few hints and tips you can follow to make your kitchen a safer environment, a lot of which come down to the initial design of your kitchen.

Prevent the Risk of a Fire

You should look to keep the stove away from high traffic areas such as near the fridge or sink, as people may brush up against the stove and burn themselves. Furthermore, keeping the stove a safe distance from the fridge reduces the chance of bumping up against someone getting food from the fridge!               

Make sure to also keep the stove a safe distance from the sink, as when you are cooking fat, water may splash onto the hob from the sink and can cause a fire. Always keep a fire blanket within easy reach of the stove. Many offices and shared accommodation buildings have these installed already as a safety requirement, but it is also prudent to have them installed in the home as a fire blanket prevents the fire from spreading to other parts of the room.

Do not put the fridge in a corner

In order to be able to properly remove the fridge shelves and clean them, to prevent the build up of mould and expired food waste, make sure that you can open your fridge doors wider than 90 degrees. This is much harder to do if your refrigerator is in a corner or in an overly enclosed space.

Flooring is important

Non-slip flooring really helps in an area that is commonly populated with splashes and spills. Rubber mats can help, but make sure that they are not too big, or they can pose a trip hazard.

Much of kitchen safety can be worked out using common sense, but some tips, such as knowing where best to make use of non-slip flooring can only be learned from experience. Keeping your kitchen clean plays an important role in improving the safety of the kitchen, but it is even more important to keep safety in mind when designing the layout of your contemporary new kitchen.

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