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When we get engrossed in cooking, on occasion you can get too passionate and accidentally spoil your meal. A dash too much salt can really ruin the flavour of an otherwise perfect meal, so at Price Kitchens, whether you are cooking in a traditional kitchen or a contemporary one, we try to help you make the most of your kitchen. Follow these quick fix tips to help prevent those cooking disasters.

Soup Tips

To add a nice dash of flavour to homemade broths and soups, save up your old parmesan rinds in a zip locked bag in the freezer and add them to gently simmering soups for up to 30 minutes.

If you’re worried that you’ve over salted your soup, never fear! Peel a potato and drop it into the soup for a minute or so. The potato will absorb the salt, and leave your soup good as new!

If you happen to make a soup or sauce that is too fatty or greasy, drop an ice cube into the mixture. The ice cube will attract the fat which you can then scoop out quickly with a spoon.

Burnt Food!

If you happen to be trying your hand at homemade gravy and you burn it, pour the mixture into a clean pan and continue cooking it. Cancel out the taste of the burn by gradually adding sugar to the mixture. Taste test it every now and then to ensure that you don’t make the mixture too sweet.

If you’re cooking rice and accidentally burn it, place a piece of fresh white bread on top of the rice for around 10 minutes. It will draw out the burned flavour of the rice. When you are serving the rice, try not to scrape the burned pieces off of the bottom of the pan too!

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