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Co-existing with others can be a taxing and difficult task, particularly if you’re more of a lone wolf and you don’t like to play ball. But sooner or later, unless you rent alone, as a student you will need to learn how to work as a team with others (unless you become a hermit). When using a shared kitchen, it is important to establish at least some order to the cleaning and clearing of the kitchen, even if it is not a designer kitchen.

Clearing out the Perishables
Things go out of date pretty quickly, particularly if you are off studying or partying or spending time elsewhere. It can be easy to forget that you put a slice of pizza in the fridge for later, or those eggs were in fact, from your omelette craze a week ago.

So you need to organise a regular sort out between the lot of you, either on a weekly, bi-weekly or fortnightly basis; depending on your eating habits. Because nobody likes gone off chicken stinking up the fridge.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule
This can be a tricky one. In previous households, often the rule stands that you clear up your own mess, however a kitchen is a shared space and one mess can sometimes spill into the other. By all means keep the ‘wash your own dishes’ rule, but try to organise a weekly cleaning schedule for the kitchen itself, so that stains don’t build up.

Otherwise you may end up stepping in a few sticky substances when coming down for a midnight snack if you’re not careful…

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