Soup Spoons from Around the World

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Soup can be one of the easiest dishes made worldwide, and at the same time it can be incredibly complicated, depending on the ingredients you choose to put into your soup. Simple tomato soups can have red peppers, cumin, basil and garlic added to them to make them more daring, but some people would be happier off with a plain tin of Heinz. Still soup is easily recognized as a worldwide dish. However the soup spoon comes in many shapes and sizes, depending on what area of the globe you decide to pull up your chair in.


Bouillon spoons are smaller than the normal UK soup spoons, and can actually be used as a replacement for various different types of spoon. They can be used or sold as both dessert spoons and serving spoons, because they normally hold around a tablespoon of soup and they have a longer handle. Normally made from silver, Bouillon spoons are almost egg shaped, with an ovular base and a slightly pointed tip.


A type of soup spoon used specifically in the making and consuming of Callaloo; a special type of soup made in the Caribbean, from Tobago. The soup is made from okra, crab and spinach, and is quite a thick soup. The Callaloo spoon is made from wood and has a deep ovular bowl, which is designed to not affect the taste of the soup, and so ensure that the soup is not over-mixed. This soup is meant to be nice and chunky!

Asian soup spoons are normally made of porcelain and are quite deep, with an oval shaped bowl and a flat bottom. They will normally have intricate designs along the bottom of the spoon and along the handles. These are made to be able to also eat large pieces of food and to eat rice, as a lot of Chinese and Japanese food is broth based and made with rice or pieces of fish in the broth mixture.

Regardless of your favourite ethnic dish, or whether you use regular soup spoons or country specific spoons to eat your soup, make sure you have the space to store all your ingredients! What is your favourite type of soup? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to like us on facebook to get regular blog updates and details on all our latest promotions.

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