Storing Perishables

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When you are a prospective master chef, the chances are that you will be working with a lot of perishable ingredients. It is important to have the contemporary kitchen space and design to be able to effectively store all your perishable items, including spices and more long lasting items like powders and packet sauces. However there are also some invaluable ways that you can package your perishables to help improve their shelf life and decrease the amount of clutter in your kitchen cupboards and shelves.

Effective Stacking
By effectively stacking your cans and tins within your cupboards you can save a lot of shelf space. Pack them tightly against one wall, placing each can atop a second two at halfway intervals. If done carefully, you can easily stack several cans at once. This also works well for drinks cans!

Tupperware containers are invaluable because they can be frozen, heated, are microwaveable and come in a variety of different sizes (and colours for the kids). Tupperware can be used to store packet sauces, spices, cooking chocolate and cheeses, as well as more perishable items such as slices of fruit and freshly cooked meat.

Plus they are great when you make too much of a meal as you simply pack a couple of Tupperware boxes full, wait for them to cool, then simply pop them in the freezer!

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