Storing Vegetables

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When it comes to keeping fruit and vegetables fresh and crisp often we are restricted to using the produce within the first few days of buying them. Another alternative is to freeze our fruit and buy frozen vegetables but this can sap some of the flavour and nutrients out of the produce.

You can also buy Tupperware pots to keep your fruit and veg fresher, but sometimes the odour clings to the plastic and leaves it with a nasty smell when you go to open the pot. Glass pots or Pyrex dishes are ideal as they keep the produce cold and don’t absorb odours.

Moist Towels

Many vegetables such as cucumber, carrots and broccoli tend to stay fresher for longer when you wrap them in a damp towel and place them in an open container in the fridge. The carrots do even better when you cut the tops off.

Paper Bags

Some fruits and vegetables really don’t like moisture so for produce such as potatoes, onions and eggplants, wrap them up in a paper bag and store in a cool, dry place.

Speeding up the Process

If you have a nectarine or a set of tomatoes you want to use up soon, place an apple in the bag with them. The apple will help speed up the ripening process.

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