Styling the Kitchen Table for Special Events

Author: PriceK

When arranging a kitchen table in preparation for a fancy meal or a special event (come dine with me-esque) where you are having guests over, you might think that you are stuck with your plain kitchen table and that there is not much you can do about it. In fact, accessories can contribute a great deal to creating a beautiful atmosphere for all to enjoy. Take a look at these quick and easy tips for styling the kitchen table for your next special event.

Origami Napkins

It doesn’t even have to be particularly fancy. Look online, memorise one pattern (they look better if all the same) and stick to it. If you want you can use special coloured napkins to further brighten up your table. You can place them to the side of the guest dinner space or on top of the salad plate, it is up to you!


Candlesticks exude class and royalty. Whether you want a plain white candle, a slightly scented candle (not too overpowering though) or a colourful candle, candles can really help add atmosphere to a plain meal. Try to evenly space them throughout the table and don’t place them too near a water jug or guest plate!

Engraved Placemats

These are plain placemats with a simple piece of gold engraving on it to add flair. You can get these in a number of supermarkets and only get them out on special occasions, that way they will look fresh and new for every event! You can also create your own placeholder cards so that the guests know which seat is theirs. It gives them a nice sense of importance when sitting down at the table.

And there you have it! Three simple, yet effective ways to liven up your kitchen table for special events!

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