Stylish Kitchen Seating Solutions

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Tired of your troublesome plastic chairs? Feel as if your wooden dining seats are looking a little out of place in your modern kitchen? Fear not! Take a look at our first class seating solutions for a great new space saving kitchen!

Stools around the Breakfast Bar

Chairs take up an awful lot of space, so why not sacrifice a little back support in lieu of breakfast stools? Stools take up far less space, meaning you can fit more bums around the table, and can also be neatly pushed under a breakfast bar when not in use. Perfect!

‘Russian Nesting Doll’ Chairs

These fun and quirky stools are often found in larger family homes where there are frequently six or more diners at dinner. Stools that fit neatly inside one another or stack nicely atop one another to minimise space used in the kitchen until they are needed. They often come in a variety of styles, but sometimes the simpler they look, the better.

Different Heights for Different Purposes

Perhaps you want a quick perch for your breakfast, but have a nice long relaxing dinner? By providing different levels in your kitchen, you give the sense of more open space than there actually is, without actually having to sacrifice any useful seating spaces. Consider using different levels for your kitchen countertops in comparison to your dining table, or your breakfast bar.

Using a professional interior designer will really help you realise the true beauty of your kitchen. Get professional advice and assistance on the latest styles and designs with beautiful kitchens from Price Kitchens.

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