Taste Testing

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Whether you are a novice just starting out in the kitchen or you are a seasoned veteran with an eye for good meals, it is important to know that you should trust your own judgement when taking recipes from books and from the internet in order to make them your own.

If you feel like there are a few ingredients in a recipe that you are not entirely sure about, you can always use less than the recommended dose and then taste test the recipe to see how it affects the dish. Obviously you need to apply a little bit of common sense, as some measurements are exact to give the dish a certain texture or flavour! Trust your senses!

If you are making meatballs or burgers, in order to check whether or not you have put enough salt and seasoning into the meat, cook a small bit of the mixture before you throw everything into the pan. This will allow you to test the salt and spice content without having to use up all the mixture!

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